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Exploring Seward to Denali and everything in between | Travel, Wedding and Elopement Inspiration

From glaciers to the rainforest, to the small little secluded towns surrounded by gorgeous national parks - visiting Alaska has been one of the most eye opening experiences. The landscapes are absolutely breathtaking and the wildlife we encountered was unlike anything I have ever seen. This trip has really made me appreciate the land that surrounds us. You'll never know what you'll find if you don't go out and explore! 

Day One: 

We arrived in Anchorage, Alaska, grabbed food and drove up to Hatcher Pass where we met up with an amazing couple, Tanya and Carson. We hiked up to an old mine at Hatcher Pass where we spent a few hours exploring and exchanging photo sessions! By 10:30pm, while the sun was setting, we made our way up north to Wasilla where we spent the night.

You can follow Tayna and Carson on Instagram! 

Tanya - @thatfeelingco

Carson - @belowthy

Day Two + Three:

I highly suggest spending a few days in Denali. The park is filled with gorgeous hiking trails, camping spots and beautiful wildlife. On our three hour trek up to Denali, we stopped in a cute little town called Talkeetna. This town is very small and has only a few shops and restaurants. I recommend the Denali Brewery - It was fantastic! 

After spending an hour in Talkeenta, we made our way up to Denali. We stopped at a few pull offs along the way that overlook the Denali Mountain Range. Once we got into Denali National Park, we were allowed to drive 30 miles into the park. We hiked Savage River, encountered some amazing wildlife, and were lucky enough to see Denali's Peak!

After spending a few days in Denali, we made our way back to Wasilla. We stopped at the same pull offs as we did on the way up and met one of the cutest little dogs, Cricket! You can follow him on Instagram @cricketinthethicket 


Day Four:

I'm really grateful that we met Tanya and Carson. They gave us a ton of trails and parks that we should visit along the way to Alyeska. We explored Eagle River, where we encountered a juvenile moose and it's mama. We stopped at Beluga Point in hopes of seeing a Beluga Whale. We also hiked a small trail at Virgin Creek (this one was my all time favorite spot!) Once we settled in our hotel room in Alyeska, we adventured off to Winner Creek. We started a little late in the evening so we only hiked three miles but we ended up at the coolest spot deep in the woods.

Day Five:

Our next stop was Whittier where we took a glacier boat cruise. It took us through the Church National Park where we had to opportunity to see tidewater glaciers and encounter some beautiful wildlife. They also made us glacier margaritas with actual glacier ice! After our boat cruise we set off to Seward.

Day Six and Seven:

We spent a few days in Seward. This little town was probably my favorite town. If you didn't know Travis and I are beer enthusiasts. We love finding breweries and restaurants while exploring new places. We came across Seward Brewing. They had a delicious IPA and really yummy fish tacos! I high recommend this spot if you visit Seward! 

We took two boat cruises while in Seward. A wildlife cruise and an Orca cruise. Both were absolutely amazing and worth it! 


Day Eight and Nine:

The last two days of our trip were the two calmest days. On our way back to Anchorage, we stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. They have specific wildlife here that they are caring for and preserving. 

Once we got back to Anchorage we stopped for lunch at House of Bread and then hiked one of the trails that Tanya and Carson recommended, Powerline Trail. It's an eleven mile hike that is surrounded by mountains. I wish we had the time to do the entire hike but unfortunately we had to make our way to catch our plane back to the east coast. 


I hope you guys enjoyed this lengthy post about our Alaska adventure! If you have any questions about our trip, feel free to send me an email at I have had a few inquires about some of the photos posted and if they are available for print sale. The answer is YES! If you are interested in prints, send me an email at with the photo(s) and size!