Megan & Brett // New Haven, Connecticut

Travis and I arrived at Megan and Brett's cute little home on top of a hill in New Haven, CT. They wanted to start off their engagement session at a location they spend the most time together - which was their back yard. Surrounded by gorgeous trees and flowers, I could tell why they loved this particular spot so much. As the night went on, the four of us spent more time talking than shooting, which turned their engagement session into a double date later in the evening! We headed to one of their favorite spots in New Haven that overlooked the entire city and finished up their engagement session.  Megan and Brett took us to their favorite pizza place in New Haven called BAR. We ate pizza, drank beer and talked about how we met our significant other. 

Megan and Brett tie the knot in less than a month. I'm so thrilled to be a part of their special day! 


Lauren FletcherComment