Brittany & Brian Crook // Garrison, New York

Cars have been a passion of mine ever since I bought my first Volkswagen Golf a few years ago. Being a member of the car community, I have met many friends and photographers. Little did I know that being in that huge community, would help my business today. When I received Brittany's email, I was surprised that she was from Virginia. I asked how she found me and it was through two friends that I recently met who are huge car enthusiasts! I instantly knew that this was the perfect wedding for me to photograph. 

Brittany and Brian put a lot of thought into every detail of the wedding. From the invitations, to the flowers matching the bridesmaids dresses perfectly, everything about their day was impeccable. Watching Brittany and Brian look at each other with so much love as they exchange vows, I am reminded why I am love with what I do. Capturing these moments for my brides and grooms to relive makes me the happiest photographer in the world. Huge thanks to my best friend, Kelsea Piquette for helping me photograph Brittany and Brian's Wedding!

I hope you all enjoy the photos!