Why I love Lifestyle Sessions // Cait Kimball Photography

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

Some of you may have noticed that I have been posting a lot about lifestyle sessions, but I haven't really gone into depth about why I love them. These sessions are more personal than a typical portrait session, and favor a more personal location or venue. Whether its going to a bar with your significant other, going ice skating with your kids and your husband or wife, cuddling up on a couch at your favorite coffee shop or even spending time in your home with loved ones. The list is endless! What's important is that you choose a place that holds meaning to your relationship, or to your family. These sessions are special because there is a certain  level of intimacy present. Shooting people in the comfort of their home's, or in a place of enjoyment is bound to produce honest emotions and moments. Capturing these moments is extremely rewarding!

Our wonderful friend and fellow photographer, Cait Bourgault of Cait Kimball Photography, photographed us last Sunday while she was in town. We spent the afternoon with Cait at one of our favorite bars, Dougherty's, and enjoyed a drink while she photographed us. We ventured out into the snow for a few outdoor photos, and finished the session in our apartment with our dog, Corrado. Cait did a wonderful job capturing true, raw moments between Travis and I! To see the full set, head over to her blog! http://www.caitkimball.com/featured-folks/#/laurentravis/

If any of you are interested in setting up a Lifestyle session, email me at laurenfletcherphoto@gmail.com


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