Looking back // 2014

2014 was my first official year living in Rhode Island. It also has been the best and most successful year. It has been successful not only for my photography business but for me as a person. I moved to Rhode Island in August of 2013, leaving my friends and family behind to start a new chapter in my life. 

Reflecting on 2014 as I'm browsing through tons and tons of photographs, I never would have thought my business would have grown as much as it has in the short amount of time I have been in Rhode Island. Choosing my favorite photos was really difficult. I didn't know if I should include photos from all the weddings I have photographed, or all the couples and families I have photographed. I have so much love for all of the people I have worked with this year and I want to thank you all for entrusting me to capture special moments in your lives.

2014 has been a fantastic year. I can't wait to see what 2015 bring!

Happy New Year!



I hope you enjoyed my favorite professional photographs. I also added some of my favorite photos of friends and family!

 Photo by: She Of The Woods Photography

Photo by: She Of The Woods Photography

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