Hey Friends! My name is Lauren. I'm a laid-back kind of gal who loves adventure. I find inspiration and comfort in places I've never been. I dig creativity, low-key vibes and big dreams. 

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania where I found my love for photography. A few years ago I met my best friend and decided to start the next chapter of my life. I moved to Rhode Island and started my wedding photography business. Fast forward to 2017 - We bought our first home, a Sprinter Van and are now full time #vanlifers!

When we're not photographing rad couples, you can find me quoting every episode of FRIENDS, seeking out the best craft beer with my partner in crime and obsessing over my dogs.

When we ARE photographing rad couples, you will see me with a camera to my face, frequently geeking out over the cuteness overload that exists before me (your love!), telling Travis to change the song, and directing the shoot while capturing the love that you have for one another.



WOOF! My name is Denali. I’m an Australian Shepherd, born in Berthoud, Colorado, and I live in a van full time with my humans. I am a product of the awesome dogs and wonderful humans at Firestone Aussies.

I am a very active pup, always with my ears up high and nose to the ground, still learning lots of new things every day. I love humans, and other dogs. I can’t quite control my excitement for either just yet, but mom and dad say that it’s okay. The road is all I know. Every place we see is new, and I think that is a very cool way to live.

When we’re not photographing rad humans, you can find me playing catch with my dad and catching my frisbee, chasing all the leafs in the wind and picking up all of the sticks I find on my adventures.

When we ARE photographing rad humans, you can find me digging and exploring for more sticks and photobombing mom and dad’s photo sessions.



Yo! My name is Travis. Born and raised in Rhode Island, I have been taking photos since high school, always intrigued by the film and printing process. After college, a hobby in music turned into a full time gig. I played in bands for 10 years, having toured the U.S. and Canada a handful of times. I have put my musical journey to rest to live on the road full time, seeking adventure at every turn while assisting Lauren on her journey in Photography. I'm an extrovert, enjoy an insane rollercoaster at any given notice, and won't ever stop exploring this beautiful world we call home.

When we're not photographing rad couples, you can find me responding to all of Lauren's FRIENDS quotes, reading an awesome book, or geeking out over the best commercials and advertisements.

When we ARE photographing rad couples, you will see me wandering about seeking light, holding onto your bag/jackets/etc. while simultaneously juggling Lauren's gear, managing the tunes, and interacting with you and your loved one to make sure you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Hey! We are Lauren & Travis

We are adventure wedding and elopement photographers, and we live on the road full time in our DIY Sprinter van with our Australian Shepherd pup, Denali. We have always craved traveling, exploring, and experiencing new places. After many trips, we had the opportunity to visit The Last Frontier, Alaska. We spent 10 days in this beautiful state, and it was the most influential trip of our lives. We drove hours on end to make it to the next destination, and became very comfortable with the chase, trying to cram as many experiences into this limited adventure. Traveling with other family left us hotel hopping night after night, and we quickly realized that this was an inefficient way to immerse ourselves in Alaska's natural beauty. There had to be a better way to travel. We left Alaska with only one thing on our minds; How can we live on the road, full time! Fast forward less than a year and there we were, leaving in our new tiny home on wheels!

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